Chris trained in Fine Art at Bradford and Sheffield from 1980 - 1984  gaining a First class hons degree and has exhibited widely since in England and also in Scotland and France.  


Tempera paint is made from egg yolk mixed with pigment, using local free range eggs and all works are on paper, Saunders Waterford mould made from St Cuthberts Mill.

Some is handmade, recycled from studio waste and sometimes incorporating leaves,

flower petals and natural debris, relating to nature's life cycles.


All work is untitled and signed on the reverse.


Elements of the work are woodland areas, seasonal change, new growth, colour changes, the windblown and fallen, water reflections, riverbeds and limestone.


Painting, drawing and papermaking offer a way to engage with the earth, to experience a sense of awe and mystery. A way to reflect on and consider what is 'going on', whether we are present or not. To find solace in the beauty, grace and uncertainty of wild places. The practice creates an experience, a state, reflected in the poems.




                                          Raining in Hope  



                                            I was born in time




                                  a name   a date   a place   a history


                                         I went on a journey    


                                              alone    silently  


                              drawn toward a meaning and purpose


                                  change of view      concern and thought


                                            I turned inside out  




                                       nameless      timeless      


                                         i was raining in hope










                                                  the key           in my exprience


  tott                 to pratice a skill brings about the state of flow                  

        gives meaning, purpose, enjoyment and sense of well being


        there is peace and freedom in the process, the discipline

                        when empty of all outer concerns


               to be engaged in the task, in ritual and metaphor

                    the action, the exercise, the learning

            to commit, without expectation

          is to clear the mind, be present, of value, of worth

                 curiosity, wonder, awe, astonishment

                 imagination, attention, reflection, consideration                                        

            alone in silence, in a space, nameless, timeless

                   within mystery and uncertainty






             Galleries 1 and 2   relate to the Earth,     3  to Water and    4  to Stone.



    Works in progress are    


           ' Paper Stones from the Tree of Life with the Perspective of  Limestone Grey  '









































© Copyright   Chris Hughes  Artist.  All Rights Reserved

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